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Our Commitment is to make you a long lasting loyal customer and enhance both our reputations.

Brown and Moodie Plumbing has been established since 1947. Over the last 70+ years we have have grown from a small service company in the Botany area of Sydney to one of the most professional, skilled and diversified Plumbing companies in Australia, with offices and production facilities located in NSW and QLD.

Brown and Moodie are proudly regarded as the foremost provider of mechanical and hydraulic plumbing services for large infrastructure projects in the country. For us, every job and every client is considered a long–term relationship which has earned us a respected reputation built on excellence.

Our management team at Brown & Moodie share a wealth of experience which is reflected in the quality, professionalism and standard of every job we do. Our commitment to the building industry is exemplified by the active training and development of over 50 apprentices in the past 10 years and specialist fabrication workshops in both Sydney and Brisbane.

Over 70 years of experience in all areas of plumbing works have proven the success of Brown and Moodie for a variety of clients on all types of jobs from the small and simple to large multi-million dollar projects.

Contact Brown & Moodie today to discuss how their professional approach and attention to detail will ensure a successful outcome for your next major project.

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