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what we do

Our Vision:

We maintain the highest ethical standards while diligently executing our mission. The Heart of our mission is to exceed customer expectations through thorough safety systems, leadership, strategic solutions, administration,  operational excellence & continual improvement.

Some of the services offered by Brown & Moodie include:

  • All hydraulic and sanitary plumbing services

  • High and medium temperature hot water systems

  • ABS pipe system

  • Copper pipe system

  • Carbon steel pipe systems to X-ray standard (if required)

  • High pressure steam lines

  • Aviation fuel lines

  • Fuel farm pipe work

  • L.P.G. pipe installations

  • Exhaust stacks

  • Pipe fabrication

  • Medical gases

  • Food lines

  • Laboratory fit outs and pipe work


Specializing in pipe fabrication, our services include design, pre-assembly, logistics and installation of small to large copper and heavy steel / stainless steel alloy components including piping, skids, tanks, pipelines, structural frames and equipment. We pride ourselves on our modern fabrication facilities, technology and techniques to self-perform the works and deliver a Quality Assured Australian made product.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals for prefabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of various pipework systems.

We cover all grades, specification and classes of welding. Delivering a fully fabricated, tested and commissioned final product. With the ability to provide solutions throughout Australia and also Internationally. 


Our expertise includes:

  • Fabrication and installation of all pipe systems and pipe materials of Copper, Steel and Stainless Steel.

  • Fabrication and installation of structural steel including pipe racks and modularised units.

  • Installation, inspection and testing of heavy mechanical equipment such as Pumps, chillers, heat exchangers, air handling units and compressors.

  • Fabrication, installation, inspection and testing of above and below-ground piping systems including carbon and stainless steel, HDPE and non-ferrous piping material.

  • We continually maintain an efficient workshop with modern technology and equipment such as bandsaws, roll groove machines, welding machines and overhead cranes, with sufficient workshop space to execute any job and task required.

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